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Game: Top 10 free Games for Nokia C1-02

Posted in: C-Series,GamesApril 2, 2011
Game: Top 10 free Games for Nokia C1-02

Game: Top 10 free Games for Nokia C1-02

I share Top 10 free games for Nokia C1-02 with everyone who like play games.They include: Snake Revolution, Solitaire, Cosmos Brain Teaser, Gems Classic, Revolve, Bank Robber, MarvTheMiner2, Chess, Bubble Popper XXL, Sudoku Free.
1.Snake Revolution
Type: Arcade
Size: 0.74MB
Snake is a Nokia Classic, and now it’s been given a serious shot in the arm with a total of 82 different levels over four different worlds to navigate. Collect power-ups and avoid obstacles as you make your way through Snake Kingdom. Plus there’s a Classic mode for some fast-paced old-school Snake action.
Type: Card & casino
Size: 0.24MB
The card game of Solitaire doesn’t need too much of an introduction, and this free version is exactly how you remember it, with random stacks of cards having to be shifted into four same-suit piles up top. If you’ve never played it’s one of the most effective ways of passing time if you’re stuck on your own.
3.Cosmos Brain Teaser
Type: Puzzle
Size: 0.41MB
Give your brain a workout with Brain Teaser, a game where you have to remember where images pop up on screen. There are 10 levels in all, and it’s a great way to sharpen the grey matter.
4.Gems Classic
Type: Arcade
Size: 0.30MB
Ooh, the pretty colours! Swap around the gems on screen to make matching threes and get as many together as you can to take on the high score. There are plenty of titles that use a similar principle, but this is one of the best we’ve come across, and the price is right too.
Type: Puzzle
Size: 0.08MB
Train your brain with this simple, yet challenging, puzzle game. The object is to roll the ball around the maze so it falls into a strategically placed cup. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? Well, many of the 70-plus levels aren’t, so it might be more challenging than you think.
6.Bank Robber
Type: Action
Size: 0.32MB
Ever wanted to rob a bank? With Bank Robber, now’s your chance. You’ve got 60 seconds to pilfer as much gold as you can, right from under the nose of the sleepy officer guarding the stash. See how well you do, then check how you’ve done compared to your friends on Facebook.
Type: Arcade
Size: 0.20MB
Use the likes of transporters, elevators, ladders and cannons to make your way through the mines of Kazarakt, highlighting all the platforms on each level as you go. The free version of this arcade classic gives you 20 ad-supported levels to play through.
Type: Arcade
Size: 0.37MB
Chess is one of the most popular games in the world, and this free version for the Nokia C1-02 is just as compelling as playing on a physical board. You can choose to play full games, or solve scenarios, and you can even take on a friend via Bluetooth or SMS.
9.Bubble Popper XXL
Type: Arcade
Size: 0.47MB
There’s not much to this one: all you have to do is pop bubbles. But it’s seriously addictive fun all the same, with power-ups to be earned and the ability to share your bubble-popping exploits with your friends on Facebook.
10.Sudoku Free
Type: Puzzle
Size: 0.16MB
Sudoku doesn’t need much of an introduction, and this version has four difficulty levels across three maze sizes up to 9 x 9. You can even enter the number placements from puzzles you’ve seen in newspapers or magazines, and have Sudoku Free solve it for you.
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