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Tip: How to Change the Font Size for Nokia C5-03

Posted in: C-Series,How to,Tips and tricksMay 9, 2011
Tip: How to Change the Font Size for Nokia C5-03

Tip: How to Change the Font Size for Nokia C5-03

Maybe some Nokia C5-03 users can’t still read text on its screen properly.Here I share how to change the font size for Nokia C5-03 with everybody.See the below:
Firstly, press the Menu button, then tap Settings on screen. Next, tap the Phone icon and you’ll be present with a number of global settings you can adjust.
We’re interested here in the second entry down – Font size – so give it a tap to select it.
Once you do, you’ll be presented with a list of three size options: Large, Normal and Small. The size you’re currently using will be selected already, which should be Normal if you’ve never change the font size before.
From here, you can either go bigger or smaller. The former is ideal for those with eyesight difficulties, boosting the size of text on screen so you can read it more easily, while the latter means you can fit more on the screen at any one time.
Select the option you prefer, and you’ll automatically return to the Display menu again, only now the text will be in the new font size you’ve selected. If you’re happy with the new look, you can simply exit here and that’s that, otherwise tap Font size again and try another size.
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